Paver Sealing – Nashville

Applying a sealer to your pavers helps protect the pavers as well as hold and band the sand together.

We apply sealer to new as well as old pavers. We also power wash and remove old sand and re-apply sand when necessary.

We offer two choices for sealing your pavers:

Hydro Top – a natural, penetrating sealer with no sheen. Hydro-Top Data Sheet
Seal-n-lok – has a sheen similar to aggregate driveway sealer. Seal-n-Lock Brochure


Paver coating systems


Paver Prep & Sealing Process

  • (Day 1) We power wash the paver surface thoroughly. Once the area is completely dried out, the pavers are ready to be sealed. We will refill the joints with sand to the appropriate level (1/8″-1/4″ below the surface) in order to maintain the esthetic of the paver and also because if the joints are overfilled the sealer will crack and chip over time. The excess sand is then blown off to ensure a clean surface.
  • (Day 2) In applying the sealer to pavers we spray the sealer on in sections while simultaneously squeegeeing off the surface of the paver into the joints. This floods the paver joints with sealer, which creates the strongest bond between the sealer and joint sand. Any excess sealer is blown off the surface of the paver to ensure an even coat application.