Fence Staining – Nashville

Staining your fence conditions, moisturizes and protects your wood from harmful UV rays.

We use a high grade commercial, deep penetrating stain called Baker’s Gray-Away.There are multiple colors to choose from and the darker the color, the more it protects.

We here at Mid South Seal & Stain recommend staying away from light, natural colors. It is best to use a shade of brown for better protection.

Fence Staining/Sealing Process:

  1. (Day 1) Apply Cleaner, Power Wash, Apply Brightener, Rinse
  2. (Day 2) Apply Stain – We spray, roll and brush the product thoroughly

Baker's Gray-Away Wood Sealer

Fence Stain Color Options

super clear wood stain
Super Clear

super cedar gold wood stain
Super Cedar Gold

super cedar wood stain
Super Cedar

super cedar dark wood stain
Super Cedar Dark

walnut wood stain

Super Redwood Stain
Super Redwood

special blend stain
Special Blend

driftwood wood stain