Wood decks take an incredible amount of abuse from sun, rain, dirt, and foot traffic because it is a horizontal surface. Over time the harsh effects of weather will naturally oxidize the surface of the wood giving it a gray color appearance. Sun and moisture can cause inferior deck coatings to fail prematurely. Our deck cleaning and staining techniques can restore your wood deck back to new.

Staining and sealing your deck conditions, moisturizes and protects your wood from these harmful elements. We use a high grade, commercial, deep penetrating stain called Baker’s Gray-Away

Our Deck Staining/Sealing Process Summarized:

  • (Day 1) Apply cleaner, power wash, apply brightener, rinse
  • (Day 2) We spray, roll and brush the surface thoroughly

Baker's Gray-Away Wood Sealer

Deck Stain Color Options

super clear wood stain
Super Clear

super cedar gold wood stain
Super Cedar Gold

super cedar wood stain
Super Cedar

super cedar dark wood stain
Super Cedar Dark

walnut wood stain

super redwood stain
Super Redwood

special blend stain
Special Blend

driftwood wood stain

Weathering tests have shown that most deck natural wood stains and water repellents last only 7 to 18 months before mildew and weathering become problems. Most Nashville home owners report they are refinishing their decks every year to maintain the original wood color. Two major rules apply to selecting a natural wood finish.

  1. You should use a wood preservative rather than just a water repellent, penetrating stain or a combination stain and water repellent.
  2. It should also be pigmented. The pigment must be high quality so that it compliments the wood, rather than masks fungi.

A wood penetrating water repellent and ultraviolet light absorber will help the finish to maintain a good appearance. The finish should penetrate into the wood rather than form a surface film. Any product that forms a film on the surface will eventually flake, peel or chip. The stain, finish or sealer you choose must also offer easy maintenance in the future. Always choose a product that can be re-coated without build-up. Most film-forming products must be stripped each time before re-application (something you aren’t told until it’s too late).

How We Clean Your Middle Tennessee Deck

All decks, even low maintenance decks require regular cleaning to keep looking and performing well. Over time leaves, dirt, mold, and mildew will create a film over an outdoor deck that looks ugly and can be slippery. Most people give their deck at least one good cleaning every year. Depending on the amount of dirt and leaves in your area you may need to clean the deck more frequently.

  1. Remove all furniture, grills, and objects from the deck.
  2. Sweep the deck removing all loose dirt and leaves.
  3. Remove debris trapped between the boards using a slender tool and pressure washer.
  4. Rinse the deck off using a pressure washer. We take great care to pressure wash with a soft, even method so that your deck is undamaged.
  5. Apply a Brightener.
  6. Rinse excess chemical off with pressure washer.
  7. If a stain persists, we repeat the process as necessary.