Aggregate Sealing – Nashville

We use the best products on the market for sealing driveways, Surf Koat’s Aggreseal Supreme. This product is 30% solids which is as good as it gets. We stay away from aggregate sealing products which are only 17-20% solids, as tehy will not protect or last as long.

  • Why is sealing your driveway essential?
  • It extends the life of your aggregate
  • It creates a barrier which keeps water out of the pores and cracks of concrete, preventing freezing and expansion of the aggregate during the winter.
  • Holds your aggregate pebbles together
  • Inhibits the growth of fungus and algae

We recommend cleaning and sealing your aggregate every 2-3 years. By keeping to this schedule it prevents fungus from building up and the power washing can be much lighter. Heavier power washing wears on the concrete.

Aggreseal Nashville aggregate driveway sealer

Aggreseal™ Features

  • Available in Clear, Brown and Gray
  • 30% Solids Acrylic Copolymer Formula
  • High Gloss, U.V. Resistant Durable Finish
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • Easy One Coat Application
  • Reduces Loose Pebbles, Cracks & Stains
  • Protects Your Investment

Aggreseal Brochure

Our Aggregate Sealing Process:

  • (Day 1) Power Wash Aggregate
  • (Day 2) Seal driveway using 18″ rollers. All trimming is done by hand with brushes.

*We do not recommend spraying aggregate sealer. It is too thick and will not cover evenly or properly.